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At Sanlam we understand that time is money, which is why we have developed the Sanlam Portal for you.

The Sanlam Portal is a new service that offers ‘wrap like’ features and increased administrative efficiencies in order to help you better manage your time with your clients.

The whole purpose of using the Sanlam Portal is to make your job easier. That means:
• Simple charging structure
• Online illustrations
• Online valuations
• Online transaction history
• Consistent application process
• Consolidated reporting pack including annual tax statement for GIA

Through the Sanlam Portal you can select from four different products that can generally all invest in various regulated collectives. Again to make your life easier, many of the features are identical across all four products. The products available are:

• General Investment Account
• New Individual Savings Account
• Personal Pension
• Onshore Bond

The Sanlam Portal combined with the Accel risk profiler and Accel investment solutions (Model Portfolio Service and Select Fund Service), may provide an end to end investment solution – taking the client from risk preference analysis through to investment & portfolio management.

To access our advanced online services please log in via the link on the right.

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